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Why My Son’s High School Counselor Couldn’t Help With College Theatre Auditions!

As the mother of a theatre kid, I know the pain of going through the college audition process up close and personal. It is not a feat for the weak of heart! Why is this process so difficult and why aren’t high school counselors and teachers better equipped to guide their students on this journey?

When my son was a senior we met with his guidance counselor early in the school year to discuss his college visits as he was most likely to exceed the allotment given as excused. During this meeting, we went on to explain the college audition process to him, NOT the other way around. When we were done explaining the intricacies of our tangled tale he was as wide-eyed as a deer in oncoming headlights! He knew nothing regarding the various requirements for the schools my son was thinking of applying to. He had zero clues what a pre-screen video was or a unified audition. In fact, he wanted nothing to do with this daunting task. I was told to send over any recommendation letter requests and to send in written notice for time off a week in advance, and I was sent hastily out the door.

I asked a friend of mine that owns a college-consulting firm why these counselors were so uninformed. She told me that their focus most often is getting the student to meet the requirements to graduate….period. Unless the counselor went through the college audition process themselves, they are going to have little help to offer.

Often young theatre students turn to their drama teachers for guidance as well. While many of these teachers are more familiar with the process having had other students go through it, they too lack the resources and time to help each student individually. Enter stage left….the STAR app.

My business partner and I launched our business in July of 2018. As two moms who went through the process, we realized that there had to be a better way to manage the myriad of information required and to stay organized. The STAR app is the first fully automated web-based program that helps you manage all of the moving parts of the college audition. With personal timeline calendars, automated reminders, and a database with over 325 performing arts college programs, the STAR app has made this chaotic journey easier. Since July our business has morphed and grown into a tripartite that can benefit not only the individual student but the educator and college audition coach as well.

For educators, the STAR app serves as a resource tool allowing the counselor and teacher easy access to information regarding auditions at over 325 schools. In addition, the STAR app holds tips and guidelines on the audition process from industry professionals. These tips can be shared with students and parents alike!

As the owners of Theatre Audition Advisors and the STAR app, we have made supporting the educators that instill passion and appreciation for the arts in our children a top priority. We are the proud participant of many state theatre awards shows in 2019 and are using this opportunity to give the STAR platform to each participating program director for the upcoming school year. We hope that our platform allows educators easier access to the information they need to serve as a resource to their students.

We are honored to be a part of each awards show this year and we wish all of the participants and nominees the best of luck!

Remember …..Apply smarter with the STAR app!

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