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Tips For The Perfect Pre-Screen

The requirements for college auditions change every year! As the competition for top tier programs continue to increase, the days of simply signing up to audition and getting a slot are fading. A growing number of colleges require  a pre-screen video to determine if they want you to come and actually audition for their program. As those numbers continue to increase, having a professional pre-screen video is critical.

Prescreen Requirements

Know what the prescreen requirements are from the school(s) you’re planning to apply to. What do they want to see? Different colleges have different requirements, so it’s important to know the specifics of your desired school(s). For example, do they want you to slate? How many pieces does your specific school want? A 16 bar, or 32 bar cut? A Monologue? Dance? Come prepared and make the most out of your prescreen experience!

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

One of the best things you can do is rehearse and become confident with your material. Rehearse in front of the mirror to make sure your face and hands are conveying the meaning of your monologue or song. We do multiple takes of each process – singing, acting and dancing, so we have the best material to choose from. It’s okay to make mistakes, but as they say, practice makes perfect!

Come Prepared

This can cover a lot depending on your specific situation, but all in all, come prepared.

Dress professionally. Your pre-screen is the first visual point of contact your future school may have with you. It’s important to make a good first impression. Know the character type you are trying to portray through your material and dress the part.

For dance pre-screens, make sure to bring along appropriate dance attire.

Feel free to bring a support person along. Your acting and vocal coaches are welcome and can help give vital insight between takes. If you don’t have a coach, bring a parent or even a friend, they can help you stay organized and focused throughout the process.

Get plenty of rest the day before. Drink plenty of water and eat a good meal. Bring your energy!


Most importantly – relax! Be natural. Be confident. It’s sometimes intimidating to be filmed and recorded on camera. Once you acclimate to the setting, you should allow yourself to become your character and channel that into your performance! Schools are looking for the real you. Take a breath and let your talent shine through.

Since top tier programs get lots of submissions, make sure you get prepared and are ready to film by the beginning of your senior year. Deadlines approach fast and if you don’t get your pre-screen finished you may not get a shot to actually audition for your dream school.

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