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The Changing Landscape Of Training For College Auditions

Performing arts training has traditionally been a brick and mortar business, but the marketplace is changing. An evolving demographic of customers in conjunction with the boom of e-commerce and digital platforms has created a new space for teachers in the arts. People now research and shop differently for goods and services. 8 in 10 Americans are doing business online and almost 9 out of 10 U.S. consumers say they would pay more to ensure a superior customer experience.

How does that impact performing arts training?

An explosion of communication tools and interactive media has increased the expectations of arts students. Because instant communication and responses have become a daily part of their routine, students expect more. Dare I say, they demand it?

Today, we can communicate with one click. Students can receive vocal and acting lessons in different states through Skype, use Twitter to keep up with performing arts news, research songs and monologues on their smartphones, share photos and stories from last night on Instagram, join a community on Facebook and stream their favorite performances globally on YouTube. They can do all of these things without even getting out of bed.

What does this mean for in the arts community? Luckily, it means – students have more access to training and information than ever before.

It also means that forward-thinking teachers and arts studios need understand the shifting trend away from traditional engagement and realize the best response to this new environment is to embrace it. Vocal and acting coaches who are ready to meet customers at different points on their journey will utilize e-commerce, social media and all the digital tools available to engage and teach their students.


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