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Clara Harris, Louisville, Kentucky

Acting, Classes and Virtual Lessons


Clara is a professional actor (AEA/SAG-AFTRA) with over two decades’ experience on stage, screen, and audio. During that time, she has also worked as a Teaching Artist with children & teens in a variety of settings – from private lessons to summer camps to in-school programs. While she has developed curriculum and led programs across the country, she really loves script analysis and helping students gain confidence & uncover all the golden nuggets in a monologue so their performance soars.

She has a passion for script analysis and precision in the process of developing a performance. That process is the foundation on which dynamic performances are built – because you, the actor, are free to play and explore while performing. The character is not something you’re thinking about anymore, it’s something you know.

In addition to her work as an actor – or perhaps, to be more precise, as an extension of it – Clara is a certified yoga teacher, specializing in using the techniques and traditions of yoga and mindfulness to live a life of more ease and more creativity. Her extensive training and experience blending modern scientific understanding of anatomy and psychology with yoga traditions infuses her approach to instruction in both yoga and acting. She believes that developing ease and confidence as a person is the key that unlocks ease and confidence as a performer.

Clara’s writing includes essays and plays for stage and audio drama. Her stage plays have been shortlisted and recognized nationally and internationally. She was honored by the Kentucky Arts Council with the Emerging Artist Award, Playwright (2014). Her writing is featured in the audio drama podcast, Night Owl Theatre. Currently, she is a grantee of the Kentucky Foundation for Women, working on an audio drama script that explores the experiences of women in mining communities in Kentucky and the United Kingdom.

Full of wanderlust, Clara does not sit still for long. She insists food tastes better around a campfire, and is happiest hiking in the woods, on a roadtrip (using the backroads, of course), or slowly meandering on her bicycle past breathtaking vistas.

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