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Summer “To Do” List For Seniors

It’s tempting to take the summer off after a very busy Junior year of HS, but using this time wisely will help make a very busy fall college application/audition season a little more manageable. Below is Alison’s suggested “To Do” list for the summer before your senior year.


Summer is a great time to research colleges and theatre programs. Learn the differences between BA and BFA programs, find out which schools will allow you to double-major, find schools that offer minors that peak your interest, and research cost/financial aid. It’s also important to learn as much as you can about faculty members, visiting professors, masterclasses, and performance opportunities. I also recommend viewing production video clips to get a feel for the artistic quality and overall production values at various schools. You will eventually want to develop a college list that includes safety, mid-range, and reach schools that are good academic, financial, geographical, and artistic fits.

Repertoire Selection

Schools will not typically publish audition requirements until late summer/early fall, but most will ask for a combination of the items listed below. Use the summer to read plays, listen to song repertoire, and select preliminary audition pieces.

  • Song Cuts (Typically 16 and 32 bar cuts)
    • Contemporary Musical Theatre
    • Classic (Pre-60s) Musical Theatre
    • Rock Musical Theatre
    • Pop/Rock Song
    • Jazz Standard
    • Art Song
  • Monologues (Typically 1-2 minutes, from published plays)
    • Dramatic
    • Comedic
    • Classical
  • Dance Demos/Combos
    • Ballet (Barre and Center Work)
    • Jazz Combo
    • Tap Combo
    • Musical Theatre Combo


Don’t let your training lapse during the summer! Take classes, private lessons, and camps/intensives. The upcoming fall will be extremely busy, so now is the time to get extra training and ensure your technique is solid so you can showcase your best self during pre-screens and auditions.

Orbit Arts Academy offers Teen Musical Theatre Intensives (daily and residential) and Private Lessons (Dance, Acting, Voice, Piano) during the summer. In addition to our fall training classes, the Orbit College Preparatory Program will resume August 13th. This program is designed for students in their junior and senior years of high school. Tony Galde, Chris Hall, and a staff accompanist will meet weekly with students to provide coaching and assistance on song cuts, monologues, and interviews. For more information, visit

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