Worry less, accomplish more with STAR

Worry less, accomplish more with STAR

STAR is a life-saver for both parents and students, saving the whole family time, effort, energy and stress! Parents can step back and let the student lead the effort. With STAR, parents and students receive reminders about deadlines and important dates. Our platform allows parents to keep tabs on the process without doing all the heavy lifting.

Students are busy perfecting their skills, polishing their audition pieces, finalizing resumes and prescreen videos, while keeping up their grades and focusing on graduation. Finding and pursuing admission to the right performing arts college is a much more complex task than expected, with many moving parts, overwhelming amounts of information and competing deadlines.

STAR streamlines the process and guides you on the journey, allowing you to showcase your best self to the programs that are right for you.

  • Access information at home or on the go from any of your devices
  • Never forget a deadline or commitment with our automated reminders and centralized information
  • Our cloud-based media storage provides ready access to your selected videos, headshots, resumes and other documents. Simply drag and drop the best selection for each application.
  • Take advantage of our tips, tools, guidelines and resources.  You’ll have access to some of the best information available on audition etiquette, audition binder assembly, checklists for audition day and more. Benefit from information and instructional videos from our vetted artistic partners.
  • Quick access to scholarship opportunities.

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