Focus your search

Focus your search

Our robust database of over 300 different types of college-level performing arts programs will give you facts and figures about your favorite schools, and help you discover a wide diversity of quality programs you may not even know about. You can filter your search by location, school size, tuition, audition requirements and other factors and have comparisons at your fingertips. STAR will help you do a smart search for the right schools, focusing your time and money on schools you determine are the best matches.

Save your top picks on your STAR dashboard, and we’ll automatically populate your timeline calendar with dates and reminders of upcoming deadlines, keeping you on track and efficient.

  • Customize your school search, filter your results and compare programs at your fingertips.
  • Keep your target schools on your personal dashboard; use our timeline calendar to track auditions; keep important deadlines in the deadline tracker.
  • Focus your time and money on the schools that are right for you.

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