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Preparation Is Key To College Auditions

As a college professor with a thriving Musical Theatre program, I watch hundreds of auditions every year.  I see every level of preparation that range from perfection to a giant question mark.  If you’re a high school student trying to sort through the application and audition process for an assortment of college performance programs, there are a good many things you need to know.


  • Performance programs are not like any other major.
  • They are anything but straight forward.
  • Every program requires something different.
  • Every program offers something distinctive.
  • Each one has different dates and deadlines.
  • Getting the information you need when you need it is not always easy.

Sorting through the details can be highly confusing, but the stakes are high. The difference between training in one program or another can possibly determine whether or not you are a working performing artist after commencement day, so staying ahead of the application/audition curve is critical. At this point you might be asking, “What is the best approach to this process?” Theatre Audition Advisors has come up with the answer.

Theatre Audition Advisors have created an online organizational tool that addresses the specific needs of aspiring performance majors trying to sort through the myriad challenges presented by the college application/audition process.  I got a chance to peek at this application before it went live.

It’s brilliant!

After getting a guided tour of the website by the creators, it became immediately clear to me that students and parents will breathe easier knowing that the process has been streamlined for them.  College programs will also benefit from students who are ahead of deadlines and better prepared on audition days.

Theatre Audition Advisors have identified a clear need, and they have thoroughly addressed it from all angles. You could try to go it on your own, but I wouldn’t advise it, because those who use this tool will have a distinct advantage.

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