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How To Get The Perfect Headshot For College Auditions

Your headshot will either introduce you to a potential college or be left behind after your audition for adjudicators to remember you by. So, it’s important to have a headshot that not only looks great but one that conveys your personality. Make sure your personality comes through in the way you dress, your hair and make-up choices as well as the way you present yourself in front of the camera.

Practice Makes Perfect!

  • Rehearse at home in front of a mirror. Practice poses and expressions.
  • If you’re having trouble with expressions, watch your face in the mirror while running lines from a favorite scene.
  • Think about the subtext or story behind a character. Where is this character from? What is his or her disposition? What is their background?
  • Visualize different emotions while looking in the mirror. Watch how this changes your expression.

Your Perfect Look!

  • Select and wear clothes that make you look and feel great. Be stylish, but comfortable.
  • Don’t overdress. Unless “Disney Princess” is the look you’re going for.
  • Clothes should be clean, neat and pressed.
  • Avoid large logos, busy patterns or stripes.
  • Solid colors are great. Bright colors that compliment your eye color will make you stand out and put the attention on your face.
  • A jacket or a sweater over a button-down shirt are great options for guys who want a more polished look.
  • Pay attention to details. Different necklines can change the shape of your face. Turtlenecks are almost always a bad idea. They tend to crowd the face.
  • Bring a variety of clothing so you and the photographer can choose what works best.
  • Keep jewelry extremely simple. Big jewelry can be distracting. The photo is about your face, not your jewelry.
  • Bring lipstick or lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and a brush or comb to touch up your hair. Don’t get a new hair cut the day before your photo shoot.
  • Your hairstyle and makeup should be similar to the look you’re going for on audition day.
  • If you’re wearing makeup, put on a heavier layer of translucent powder. This helps reduce shine and even out skin tones. Avoid products with lots of sparkle or shine.
  • Arrive at the photo shoot already dressed in your first outfit with hair styled and makeup applied – unless you’re using makeup artist to style your look.

Most importantly – relax, have fun, enjoy the spot light and let your personality shine through.

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