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How To Be Yourself In Auditions

On Stage

Don’t try to become another person on stage. First, believe that YOU are enough. Then, realize that you are in a safe environment where instead of BECOMING another character… you simply show another side of YOURSELF that you typically don’t let the world (or yourself) see. Embrace the idea of learning something about yourself in every role that you play. This is what makes Theatre a therapeutic art form and gives you the ability to fully embody a sense of self-understanding.

In short: Never “act.” Always “discover.” – an audience LOVES discoveries.

When You Audition

When entering the audition room you need to enter with confidence (not cockiness or arrogance… but the opposite of timidity or shyness.) Please don’t walk into the room looking at the ground either. Walk in with a smile and don’t be afraid to make direct eye contact with the people behind the audition table. Keep in mind that the people in the room have a thousand problems to solve before opening night. Therefore, once you walk into the room, their immediate thought of you is, “I hope this person can be the solution…”. Their first thought of you is always a very positive one. Let this understanding calm and relax you. They are not judging you… they are rooting for you!

After your slate, (Hi, my name is “blah” and I’ll be singing “blah” from “blah blah blah”) take as much time as you need to get yourself into the mind frame of the character that your portraying/ the song you are singing. There is no need to feel rushed; it is okay to take your time. Then, take a deep breath, and live truthfully in the moment. It’s not an audition, it’s yet another chance to perform for an audience.

After the audition, say “thank you” and then politely exit the room. It’s not a good idea to linger around trying to gauge their thoughts on your performance. This makes you appear to be a struggling actor who desperately needs a job (Please cast me!!). Be a professional actor who treats the audition process as routine (which ultimately leads you to relax and have a good audition). A professional actor is not going to look at each audition as the make or break moment of their career; because they know that auditioning IS the job… and the show is the vacation.

Lastly, don’t judge yourself in the middle of your audition. If you leave the room and ask yourself, “Hmm, how did I do?….I honestly can’t remember how I sounded or how I did.” If you can’t remember how you did, then that is usually a pretty good sign that you were truly invested in the moment and therefore had a GREAT audition.

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