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Why My Son’s High School Counselor Couldn’t Help With College Theatre Auditions!

As the mother of a theatre kid, I know the pain of going through the college audition process up close and personal. It is not a feat for the weak of heart! Why is this process so difficult and why aren’t high school counselors and teachers better equipped to guide their students on this journey? When my son was a senior we met with his guidance counselor early in the school year to discuss his college visits as he was most… Continue Reading

I Auditioned For Chicago Unifieds And This Is How I Survived!

In a few weeks, it will be my first anniversary of attending Chicago Unifieds as an auditionee. Unifieds has always been a very intimidating place theatre students attend in the audition process. The idea of nonstop auditions for 3-5 days in a row for countless, high-ranking musical theatre programs can seem daunting and exhausting. It is essential you know WHAT and HOW to prepare for attending Chicago, or any audition for that matter. The absolute #1 thing I took away from… Continue Reading

A Mom’s Guide To Navigating National Unified Auditions!

Navigating National Unified Auditions can be overwhelming for any young aspiring performer. For a parent, Unifieds can take you through a range of emotion from fear and anger to overwhelming joy and pride. As parents we not only believe our children are capable of anything they put their minds to, we also take empathy to another level. When your child is afraid or feels rejected, you feel it tenfold. When someone hurts them, you want to roar like a mama bear… Continue Reading

Top 7 Questions Parents Want to Know About the College Audition Process

When do we need to start actively working on the college audition process? What is the timeline? Now. No really, now. If your student is even thinking about a college career in the performing arts, you should be thinking about what you can be doing to prepare them for that. Weekly dance classes, voice lessons, acting classes, and performing arts summer programs are all things you should be making sure are part of your students regular schedule. It’s time to… Continue Reading

Myth Busters – My First Month As A Musical Theatre Freshman

I’ve officially been a Musical Theatre major and Dance minor at Otterbein University for a month. College life is both everything I expected it would be, but nothing like I thought it would be at the same time. The journey to become a college theatre major is intense and many times overwhelming, but once you’re over the hurdle of pre-screens, auditions and offers the experience of entering college, as a freshman looks pretty much the same for all majors. Ok,… Continue Reading

Diary Of A Performing Arts Mom: You’re Gonna Miss This

Dear Diary, I dropped him off at school. The 8-hour drive home was filled with tears and adjusting has been harder than I imagined it would. I am getting used to not seeing his face every day or hearing him yell “Mom” where’s my…..? I can’t help but be reminded of a country song and its poignant lyrics. You’re Gonna Miss This…. You’re gonna miss this You’re gonna want this back You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast These are some… Continue Reading

How To Politely Decline An Offer

Congratulations! You’ve found the perfect school, but what about the schools who made an offer that you have to turn down? Saying no can be a bit nerve wracking. Here are some helpful hints on how to decline an offer in a polished and professional manner. Put your fingers on the keyboard or keypad: The college audition process has been long and exhausting. Most likely it’s been just as long and exhausting for the college arts departments. They’ve spent many hours… Continue Reading

Getting serious about pursuing a BFA?

Pursuing a degree in musical theatre or acting is a process. It can also be very costly and stressful. There are increasing demands and requirements placed on students hoping to get into a top performing arts program. Each and every year the competition continues to increase.   Here are 5 tips to help you command the spotlight. Training classes: You may have natural talent, but fine-tuning your skill is important. There are many alternatives to traditional brick and mortar training. Using virtual platforms… Continue Reading

What To Look For In A Training Program!

A career in the performing arts requires talent. This may sound obvious, but talent is only one of the ingredients in the recipe for success on the stage. An aspiring arts student must train, but how do you pick the right training studio and teachers? Training isn’t just about technique; it involves feedback, critiques, encouragement, support and most importantly trust. Location: As a high school student, you have a busy life. Having a training facility that’s geographically convenient is key. You will spend… Continue Reading

Diary Of A Performing Arts Mom

Dear Diary: If I only knew then what I know now! I’ve realized the most valuable lessons are not taught, they’re experienced. This has been a crazy year full of ups and downs, highs and lows; now we are at the finish line. My son has made a commitment to his dream school and soon he will begin a new chapter. When I look back over this past year, I ask myself, is there anything I would have done differently? The short… Continue Reading

The Changing Landscape Of Training For College Auditions

Performing arts training has traditionally been a brick and mortar business, but the marketplace is changing. An evolving demographic of customers in conjunction with the boom of e-commerce and digital platforms has created a new space for teachers in the arts. People now research and shop differently for goods and services. 8 in 10 Americans are doing business online and almost 9 out of 10 U.S. consumers say they would pay more to ensure a superior customer experience. How does that impact performing… Continue Reading



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