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Auditioning for a spot in a coveted performing arts program means managing a lot of information. What does it take to get there?

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STAR Educator

The first comprehensive online resource to help teachers navigate the college audition process!

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STAR Coach

Star Coach includes exclusive administrative rights to assist coaches in guiding their students through the audition process.

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Whether you’re a high school student considering a performing arts curriculum, a parent embarking on this path with your child or a college audition coach currently helping your students on this journey, STAR was designed with you in mind.

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Tricia McFerran, Musical Theatre Mom

As a mom who just finished the college musical theatre audition process, having your automated service would have made this journey less stressful and easier. Automated deadlines are exactly what I needed! I can also see how serious you are about connecting students, teachers and the arts community. There’s not another service like this, so I am referring everyone to Theatre Audition Advisors!

Eva Patton, Ball State University

Can't say enough good things about these two fantastic moms who have created Theatre Audition Advisers to help other theatre and musical theatre parents and students navigate the intimidating and very time-consuming college theatre audition process. I watched their entire presentation and they know their stuff!! Their invaluable advice and interactive website will help demystify this process for you!

Lambert High School Drama Booster Club

This is a great resource for any student going to college for Theater. Thank you for coming to the school and showing us STAR and all the benefits it brings to help our parents stay organized and help their stars through the complex and difficult task of applying to college for Musical Theater and Acting.

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